18th November 2016

Sheffield Podcasters Meet-Up




As well as a directory for people to see the amazing breadth and scope of all the podcasts made in Sheffield. This page is also a hub for podcasters across the city to work together and help each other out with both production and content support. Because when we work together we can achieve anything!

But it’s not only about the people that already run their own podcasts. It’s also about people in Sheffield that want to create their own podcast, but don’t know where to start (or just want to get involved in other peoples shows)

So, as well as our support pages on Facebook, we also arrange a friendly meetup group once a month in which both new and old podcasters can get together have a friendly chat and do their best to support each other.

We’re currently working with RebelBase Media to host a regular Podcast meetup events at Sheffield Technology Parks.


Future Dates For Meetups Are:
Thursday 13th February 2020   5.30pm till 6.30pm
Thursday 16th April 2020   5.30pm till 6.30pm
Thursday 18th June 2020   5.30pm till 6.30pm
Thursday 20th August 2020   5.30pm till 6.30pm
Thursday 22nd October 2020   5.30pm till 6.30pm
Thursday 10th December 2020   5.30pm till 6.30pm